the problem

Non-healing bone fracture (pseudo-arthrosis): More than 500 children suffer from this illness in Europe alone. The defect is usually situated in the lower limb, and is due to an inferior quality of the periosteum. This pseudo-arthrosis is a huge nightmare for orthopaedic surgeons, since the treatment of these (very) young children requires always multiple surgical interventions throughout their childhood. They include bone transplantations, without any guarantee for success, and amputation is often the only way out.

our aim

Our aim is to offer support to give a decisive boost to the advanced research into this problem. ‘Prometheus’ - the division of Skeletal Tissue Engineering of the Leuven University (KU Leuven) - and their interdisciplinary research, targets to develop a therapy to regenerate the broken bones with one single procedure instead of an endless series of surgeries and hospital visits. Bone4kids aims to support financially the research itself, the research team, and the administrative staff. Bone4kids endeavours also to give lectures in order to publicize the issue. In this way, we want to give these children with a non-healing bone fracture a prospect for a better future.

why Bone4kids

Pharma and biotech industries are currently not interested to develop a novel and personalised therapy for these children. Due to the exceptional nature and complexity of such therapy, the research appears to be an unprofitable investment of high risk for the industry. Bone4kids, in association with the Leuven University Fund, wants to raise money to help finance this new therapy.

the founders

The Bone4kids fund was established under the wings of the Leuven University Fund. The Leuven University Fund ensures a firm and reliable structure. The funders are:

  • the researchers of the Leuven University (KU Leuven) who develop the therapy
  • the orthopaedic surgeon who treats these children in the Leuven
  • a professor emeritus of genetics
  • the NFKontakt patient organisation
  • the mother of Roseline, one of the little patients

The intended result

  • to offer a novel and personalised therapy for these non-healing bone fractures
  • the evolution of theory (research lab) to practical application (patients)
  • the development of a clinical implant
  • educating surgeons in this new therapy
  • performing a clinical study
  • spreading knowledge of the therapy to help as many children as possible, who are confronted with non-healing bone fracture (pseudo-arthrosis)


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